Our Wedding Videography

Beautiful natural films

Months, maybe even years in the planning & the big day has finally arrived.

The venue is dressed out in all it’s finery & the stunning tiered cake takes its’ place at the head of the table..

Your family & closest friends have all gathered to hear you say your carefully chosen vows to one another.

After all this time & effort to create the perfect day, wouldn’t you love to encapsulate this moment in time, so that you can relish seeing the tears & laughter of your loved ones, protected for all the family to enjoy, forever? Our Natural videography style is all about creating a record of all the beauty from your day.

For us, it’s less about making movies & more about making memories. Our passion is for capturing you & your guests thoroughly enjoying your day!


The 5 film philosophy

This section introduces the reasoning behind the creation of five films for each wedding that we shoot (Silver & Gold packages). It explains how having us film your wedding means total coverage of all the important parts & should leave you confident in the knowledge we offer the complete capture of your day.

Films 1-3

Ceremony, speeches & first dance

The whole point of having your big day filmed is so that you can enjoy watching over & over again, reliving all those special moments.

Ceremony, speeches & first dance are such moments, trouble is, they can also be quite long. Trying to keep your friends entertained by showing them your hour long service can sometimes prove awkward .

By turning each of them into their only individual film is a great way to leave them in their entirety for ease of viewing & yet still have them edited over multiple cameras so they remain entertaining.

Film 4

The Main edit

This is the whole day condensed down to around 10 -15 minutes.

Starting from bridal prep or guests arrival* we start building the story of your day.

We add in some establishing shots mixed in with some of the finer details, but mostly we focus on the thing that makes your day unique to you, the people.

We watch your guests interacting, using our vast experience to know when & where to record which gives our films their instantly recognisable feel.

Adding the most important parts from the ceremony keeps the continuity of the story flowing, leading to the lead out to the start of the official photographs. Again, at this point our focus is on the interaction between the photo’s, the laughs & smiles, when people are off guard.

From there, we film your entrance to the wedding breakfast & again we are there capturing the little ones opening their gift bags & guests generally enjoying their starters, after that we tend to take a break & let everyone enjoy their main meal in peace, before putting in the main toast of the grooms speech.

The final parts of the main film is the evening guests the cake cutting & a little bit from the first dance.

Film 5


To finish the collection of films we wanted to give you a feature that was short, but full of the love & affection that you experienced on your very special day. Converted to black & white & treated to a slow motion effect, this film is all about you as a couple. We use the footage of you together throughout the day & add in new shots of the photoshoot with the official photographer.

Samples of our work