Frequently asked questions

Q.  Why do you film with so many cameras?

A. With the ceremony & speeches being captured in full, it’s essential that we are always able to get unobstructed footage for a continuous film. Being able to cut to different angles also makes the finished film more enjoyable to watch.

Q. How long will my finished films be?

The main edit is usually around 10 – 15 minutes long with the highlights film being around the 2 – 4 minute mark. Ceremony, speeches & first dance are all captured in real time so will be as long as the actual events.

Q. Can I choose my own music?

Commercial music is subject to copyright laws which will result in a take down notice if you wish to share your film on social media. We pay to license the music that we use in our films & spend a long time picking tracks that compliment your footage.

Q. Can we order extra copies?

A. Yes. We offer guest copies of the DVD in custom printed cases for your friends & family. They are currently priced at £20.00 each.