East Sussex Videographers Diary

East Sussex Videographers Diary Sackville Bar & Grill

Sackville Bar & Grill Bexhill. Dinner & Entertainment

East Sussex Videographers Diary – Promotional Video in Bexhill

As I continue to expand my business I’ve decided to keep track of my adventures via my East Sussex Videographers Diary. With more & more interesting projects arising, I thought it may be an idea to keep track of my progression.

Last year, I was lucky enough to film a wedding reception at the ‘The Coast’ in Bexhill. Little did I know, that following the wedding, the couple as one half of a partnership, decided to take it over, rebranding it as the ‘Sackville Bar and grill‘.

Last night saw me return to the venue to film their first big event.

‘Adele’ visits Bexhill

Ok, so not the ‘Adele’, rather the very talented Natalie Blacks’ tribute act, was to be the headline performer for the evenings’ entertainment along with a 3 course meal. The venue was sold out and the atmosphere was fantastic. I was given full access to film, including a hive of activity that was in the kitchen, where head chef Charlie, managed to turn out plate after plate of exceptional looking food for the guests in the main dining room.

Taking the strain

All the staff worked really hard to ensure that service ran smoothly and it did just that. At all times they were extremely well organised and highly professional . With empty plates returning to the kitchen, my assumption was that it must of tasted as good as it looked. 

Main Event

With puddings served, it was time for the main event. Natalie arriving to a rapturous round of applause as she belted out songs from her lookalikes’ reportoire. With even her mannerisms down to a tee, she wowed the crowd. She even went as far as posing for selfies whilst performing her rendition of “Rolling in the deep”.

A bright future

With my filming completed, I was able to grab a quick word with one of the owners, who was able to fill me in on future plans for events at the Sackville. “Bexhill has nothing like this and hasn’t for years. People want to be able to have a good quality night out with good food and good entertainment at an affordable price. We are very pleased with how tonight has gone”.

Looking around the room at all the happy faces, he could be right. The Sackville Bar and Grill has a bright and promising future.

Photography vs Videography? One, the other or both?

Photography or Videography

A brides dilemma

So you’re engaged & planning for the big day is now underway. Top of many couples’ list is the wedding photography.

It’s almost inconceivable, budget permitting, that a photographer wouldn’t be near the top nowadays; after all, the responsibility is theirs for capturing all those magical moments that will allow you to look back with fond memories in years to come.

Photography & Videography work well together

Photography is still the most mainstream media of choice

But with such a medium comes drawbacks. Photos are static. A single shot of a much longer moment in time. Is it any wonder then, that when asked, many brides stated their biggest regret was not having had their wedding day filmed?

The truth is, photography just doesn’t capture the day in the same way that filming does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for one moment suggesting a videographer could or should be a substitute for the traditional photographer.  The two mediums compliment each other & work best when used in conjunction with one another.

Photography & Videography work best together

It would be my advice, that couples at least give the matter serious consideration before dismissing it out of hand.

How lovely would it be to see and hear loved ones again? This is especially true, further down the line, when the family has possibly expanded. Film is also a much more organic way to capture the day. The movement, the interaction between people just flows better with videography. The day generally passes at such a pace that the only real way to capture it all is via moving pictures.

Many people often object on the grounds that the finished movie will more than likely be condemned to gather dust at the back of the cupboard, never again to see the light of day. In truth there are two parts to filming a wedding. Knowing what to capture on the day and knowing how to edit it into a magical recollection for everyone to enjoy for years to come. The two go hand in hand & when done correctly, creates something that warrants being watched over, again and again. Everything from pacing, to music selection can make or break the finished watching experience for the viewer.  These are skills that are unique to a videographer.

And remember, videographers are fewer in number than photographers. If you do wish to undertake their services, it pays to enquire sooner rather than later.

Remember my motto, capture the day, relive the moment.

John Stone

Party Planners & Us

photovisi-download (2)

GAC Parties/Event Planning & event services

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with GAC Party Planners to be able to offer our filming services as part of your wonderful event.

GAC specialise in making sure that your party/event goes according to plan. From Pony parties to pamper parties, they have everything you need to make it a day to remember.

It therefore, makes perfect sense for us to team up with them to offer the ability to have a record of such a special occasion! Your perfect day, captured & protected for years to come! Continue reading

Despite the weather

Heffle Cuckoo Fair 2016

Heffle Cuckoo Fair 2016

“A Successful day despite the weather”

Whenever you book an outside event in this country you tend to know that the weather is going to be a bit of a lottery.

And so proved the case at this years’ Heffle Cuckoo Fair in Heathfield. We braved the rain, and the mud, to go into the community and meet our potential customers.

The Memorybiz would like to thank the organisers, and all the people who turned out in the awful conditions, ensuring that the fair was still an overwhelming success & managed to raise lots of money for the Demelza charity in the process.