Despite the weather

“A Successful day despite the weather” Whenever you book an outside event in this country you tend to know that the weather is going to be a bit of a lottery. And so proved the case at this years’ Heffle Cuckoo Fair in Heathfield. We braved the rain, and the mud, to go into the community and…

Transfer your tapes to dvd

  “Why now is the perfect time to transfer your old tapes” Why is now the right time? Magnetic tape, the type found in VHS tapes, has on average a lifespan of around 20 years. After this time the tape can become brittle, resulting in snapping of the tape during playback, as well deterioration of…

Hailsham Vegans, Video promo

“Hailsham Vegans: Compassionate Christmas Fair 2015” [huge_it_videogallery id=”4″] Back in December, I was invited by the Hailsham Vegans to come and film at their very first Christmas Fair. Everything at the fair was ethically produced, with all products free from animal testing.

Website being updated

“Making changes to our website”   We’d like to know what you think. What do you like? What don’t you like? Did you find what you were looking for? We are adding content all the time & hope to have the main structure of the site finished soon.

Heffle Cuckoo Fair

We are delighted to announce our first attendance at the very popular Heffle Cuckoo Fair in Heathfield. It gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase the transfer side of our business. This is the perfect time to bring allow your old tapes, cine films, slides & photos and see what we are all about …….